Mike Lovett, Actor + Writer

Mike also performs with the ImprovBoston Harold Night team Pilot and the indie improv groups The Quarry, Sarah and Mike Take over the World, and Hey Brother. Previously, he performed with the Harold teams Bellhop and Aww, Here It Goes. Maybe you subscribed to his podcast The Hurry Up? No? Makes sense. He began performing sketch and improv comedy while in college and boy, it’s been one heck of a ride.


Bryan Marshall, Actor + Writer

Bryan started doing improv in 2012 because his life fell apart and he was too scared of heights to pursue rock climbing. He has won (local) awards alongside his improv team Spider House, been cast at ImprovBoston on the Harold Night team Gloria, and was an original member of this very Boston Sketch Company. Currently, Bryan can be seen working security once a month at a City Council Meeting for a town that doesn’t exist and/or making comedy in his friend’s studio basement.



Jess Schmidt, Actor + Writer

Jess discovered improv as a student at ImprovBoston in 2014 and her life has been in IMAX 3D, ever since. She is a member of the ImprovBoston Harold Night team Babylon and the indie improv groups Campbell and Classic Sly. Jess was cast as the Witch in her Minot, North Dakota high school production of “Into the Woods” because, in the words of her theater director, “I saw three options during auditions: pretty, sexy, and funny. You got the role because I wanted funny.” Enough said.


Laura Rose, Actor + Writer

Laura Rose’s acting career first took off in 2002 when she was cast as The Ostrich: the only non-speaking, non-human role in her junior high’s production of Peter Pan. It was then she learned there are no small parts, only small actors, and incredibly large bird costumes thrust upon those small actors. Don’t worry, she’s definitely over it. Laura Rose is a proud alum of ComedySportz LA’s High School League and ComedySportz Boston. She trained at ImprovBoston.


Sumeet Sarin, Actor + Writer

When Sumeet was five, he wanted to change his name to Michael: namesake of Michael Knight, star of Knight Rider. He didn’t get around to it and in retrospect, is glad he didn’t. Sumeet has performed at ImprovBoston for five years and traveled the eastern seaboard with former indie team, Aeropuerto. His favorite BSC memory is watching the team dance to Butt Full of Spiders.

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Erin Sheehy, Actor + Writer

Erin is originally from Union, Kentucky, which might come as a surprise because most people have “never met anyone from Kentucky.”  They exist, she promises. In addition to BSC, you can also catch her performing at ImprovBoston with the cast of All Access, with her indie team The Quarry, and also whenever she’s driving anywhere at all because she thinks her Prius is the stage of a musical. She has a lot of hopes in life but the biggest of those is that she just wants people to laugh more often, and she’s very very happy to be chasing that dream with the members of the Boston Sketch Company.